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jay donaldson doing stand up comedy at rise comedy
jay donaldson doing stand up comedy at Voodoo-Comedy-Playhouse
jay donaldson doing stand up comedy at the-fort-comedy-club

EPK | Electronic Press Kit
Jay Donaldson, Stand Up Comedian


Jay Donaldson is a comedian that brings his personality to the stage in a way that connects with people of all ages, backgrounds, and criminal history. Jay is equally at home doing open mics at lesbian bars as he is doing paid gigs "that need to be 'ultra-clean'" at conservative retirement communities. Jay has been fortunate to get regularly booked for many things including shows, roast battles, hosting gigs, etc.


Born in Parma, Ohio, and raised outside of Chicago, Illinois in a town called Vernon Hills, Jay spent the majority of his years all over the place. He has lived in California, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Florida, and Colorado. He has traveled throughout the United States and Canada for business. His first appearance as a Comedian was at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (now Rise Comedy) located in Denver, Colorado.


Jay spent 10 years working on an online animated series called, “Kegel” and has released many online games on under the name Jato. Jay’s work on Newgrounds has earned him over 38 trophies and his animations and games have accumulated over 5 million views worldwide.


Jay is married and has two kids that are in college. His house includes a bickering cat and dog, a wife that volunteers for a predatory bird sanctuary and cares for two bee-hives, and a house with more floors in it than people. His life experience is broad, and his family experience is deep. Both of which make its way into his humor on stage.


Live Stand Up

Comedy Works (3 min)

The Comedy Fort (5 min)

Rise Comedy (10 min)

Photos and Headshots

Recent Shows & Events

  • Comedy Works – New Talent Showcase

  • The Comedy Fort – The Forts Funniest!

  • Rise Comedy – TGIF Stand Up Showcase

  • Wide Right – Roast Battle Denver!

  • Rion Evans Presents Comedy – Comedy Night Showcase

  • Sterling Ranch Center – Comedy Night Showcase

  • Vita Littleton (Private Event) – Comedy Night Showcase

  • Parkside Resort (Private Event) – Comedy Night Showcase

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