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jay donaldson doing stand up comedy at rise comedy
jay donaldson doing stand up comedy at voodoo comedy playhouse
jay donaldson doing stand up comedy at the comedy fort

Bio | Denver, CO
Jay Donaldson Comedy

When I'm not at a venue to working out new comedy material, you can usually find me with my wife at a Geeks Who Drink Trivia Nights playing under the team name "Gobias Industries." 

I've spent a lot of time doing things to entertain people; and even went so far as to spend 10 years releasing episodes for an online animated series called, "Kegel." 

Now I'm doing showcases and open mics in Denver, Colorado. Look for me at Comedy WorksRion Evans Presents Comedy NightRise ComedyWestern Sky, Blush and BluThe Comedy Fort, Irish Rover, Your Mom's House, Tavern on 26th, and more...

As long as you're here, you may also enjoy a series that I did called Phone Phun. Where I recorded telemarketers that would call me and try and sell me products and services.


These aren't "prank" calls.

They called me, I didn't call them.

jay donaldson comedy works stand up comedy
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