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Matthew Childs

I had the pleasure of working with Jay for several years.


I consider it one of the best partnerships of my professional career. Jay managed his digital team to deliver great quality against tight deadlines, technology challenges and client idiosyncrasies of business and embedded technologies.


He was always thinking strategically and ahead of the client. His efforts were an integral part of the agency winning the largest account in it's 40+ year history. Pretty out of the park!


Matthew Childs

Co-founder & Principal

Noble Savages


Jay and I have collaborated on the design of two, multi-billion-dollar e-commerce websites (Dollar.com and Thrifty.com) and he consistently takes the outcome to the next level.


Jay challenged my thinking with wonderfully clever left field ideas that always led to big wins.


Jay checks his ego at the door and works each person's idea like it was his own. He makes good ideas great and challenging projects fun. I hope that we get to work together again.


Brad Rosenthal

Director of Internet Marketing & Technology

Thrifty Car Rental

Brad Rosenthal
Tony Ray

Over the past 6 years Jay and I have worked on countless projects together, too many to count.


One thing always shined through when working with Jay. His innate ability to understand our needs and find a way to make the project happen. No matter what the deadline was, or the size of the project, Jay was always there leading his team to achieve what always seem to be the impossible.


Not only is Jay the type of person to get the job done, he always does it with a can-do attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with. I am proud to not only consider him a colleague but a friend.


Tony Ray

Directory of Internet Marketing & Website Operations

Dollar Rent A Car


Jay is a wonderfully brilliant colleague, who always provides deep, insightful, strategic thinking around any challenge we faced.


He brings fresh ideas to the table and brings a positive outlook to any discussion. He can take on anything and everything that is required, while keeping the necessary urgency of each individual initiative and properly prioritizing them all too successfully deliver results that always meet or exceed expectations.


Jay’s unbridled enthusiasm makes him an ideal person to collaborate with and his even keeled demeanor and personality make him an asset to any organization. I would gladly accept the opportunity to work with Jay again, and you should jump at the chance to do the same.


Jeff Herz

Director, Technology & Delivery

Greater Than One


Jeff Herz
Shadee Barkan

Jay is one of the most hard-working, dedicated and loyal executives I know.


He is incredibly ethical, driven and committed to achieving the most positive outcomes for his shareholders. He maintains an extensive knowledge about SEO, digital marketing, analytics and agile development and leads multiple teams within those domains with urgency and accountability towards product goals and milestones. Jay is incredibly articulate and a seasoned presenter when it comes to interfacing with C-level individuals.


Jay's supportive nature, sense of humor and mentoring spirit make him an absolutely wonderful person to have on a management team and is greatly appreciated by those who work with/for him! During the years that we worked together, I would often call Jay for valuable advice/direction on management decisions - and I still do!


Shadee Barkan

Vice President

Trilogy Education Services


Jay is one of the most knowledgeable media professionals that I have come across in this business.


He knows his client’s business models from top to bottom and makes sure that all his trusted vendors understand every angle to ensure success.


On top of it all Jay is great guy and a pleasure to work with.


Paul Berberian

Global Agency Team Sr. Partner Manager

Adobe Marketing Cloud


Paul Berberian
Tim Daley

Jay's digital expertise, positive attitude and strong leadership skills makes him a pleasure to report to.


He's always there to support our needs as a team and as individuals. His ability to offer up creative ideas and solutions is invaluable and he's an exceptional motivator when it comes to CUnet's financial goals and personal growth of it's employees.


Jay holds a strong reputation within the industry and continues to be an asset for our organization. He delivers consistent results, loves a challenge and I would strongly recommend him for any high-level leadership position.


Tim Daley

Associate Director, Performance Marketing

Horizon Media

Jay is the best web strategist I've ever worked with.


He understands how the online world is different, how to interpret those differences, and how to harness those differences to make a website measurably better. He is a skilled leader, managing a team of sometimes-finicky creative artists and obstinate engineers with superb clarity and decisiveness.


Best of all, he's an all-around great guy. Easy to work with, fun to argue with, and a blast to celebrate with.


Ben Herrington

Manager of Global eLearning

Dentsply Sirona


Ben Herrington
Karhrman Ziegenbein

Jay Donaldson is an excellent leader who excels at motivating his staff, while promoting the utmost in cross-functional teamwork.


His extensive knowledge of the digital marketing channel allows him to develop exceptional solutions. With his solid background and crisp intellect, Jay Donaldson always delivers solutions that meet the needs of his clients.


He has my highest recommendation.


Karhrman Ziegenbein

CEO & Founder



Jay is one of the most hardworking individuals that I have worked with.


He was always very detail-oriented, and handles all his assignments with great passion. He takes on every new challenge with an open mind to get the task completed. His knowledge in the digital marketing field is always at an expert level.


Jay would be an asset to any company that was lucky enough to have him.


Libby Singer

Inside Sales/Marketing Manager

Bayshore Solutions


Libby Singer
Nick Chase

Jay Donaldson has that rare combination of creativity and organization that a project needs.


He is a talented artist, able to both grab your attention and make you laugh until it hurts while still imparting any messages that a project may need. He is also an excellent project manager, able to deal with even the most difficult clients while keeping a project on track.


All that, and you can top it off with the fact that he's just a genuinely nice person, and a pleasure to work with. I would unreservedly recommend him for any project that needs his skills.


Nicholas Chase

Head of Technical & Marketing Content



Jay this one of those unique talents which is a must in today's business world.


He is effortlessly at home in both the creative and technical aspects of the projects that I have had a pleasure working with him on.


He is also one of the first people I think of when inviting folks to a happy hour.


Kevin Swearingen


Frog Studios


Kevin Swearingen

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